VOL. 7, No.1, SPRING 2017


Contents- Research Papers



“9/11”—Between Legibility and Visuality

Azharuddin   Azharuddin-1

The Cursory Aesthetics of Existence: Physiognomy, Paedophobia and the Tainted Child

Sheenam  Batra   Batra, Sheenam-2

Plotting, Print and Responses to Popular Culture: The Beginnings of the Sherlock Holmes Fandom in the Nineteenth Century

Laboni Bhattacharya  Bhattacharya, Laboni-3

(Im)mobility in Sri Lanka: Interpreting Violence as Conceptual Frame in the Narrative Nonfiction of Samanth Subramanian and Rohini Mohan

Meenu Chaudhary   Chaudhary, Meenu-4

From a Warrior to a Consort: A Study of the Representation of Goddess Kali in the Devi Mahatmya and the Kalika Purana

Deeptangshu Das Das, Deeptangshu-5

Censorship and Sexuality: The Curious Cases of The Well of LonelinessOrlando and Nightwood

Rajorshi Das Das, Rajorshi-6

“I had discovered my voice at last!”: Articulation of subjectivity in Urmila Pawar’s The Weave of My Life: A Dalit Woman’s Memoirs

Preeti Gupta Dewan Dewan, Preeti Gupta-7


Inf(l)ecting Each Other: “A Moral Infection as a Physical One” in Dickens’ Oliver Twist and Bleak House

Debolina Dey Dey, Debolina-8

Self-censorship in Dedh Ishqiya: Desexualization of Lesbianism as a Means of Countering Cinematic Hetero-normativity

Kashish Dua  Dua, Kashish-9


Postfeminist Media Culture: A Response to Feminism

Shweta Duseja  Duseja, Shweta-10

Thus Spake the Body: Delineating Social, Cultural and Linguistic ‘Othering’ in the Indian Adaptation of Eve Ensler’s Monologues

Anum Fatima and Ariba Zainab  Fatima, Anum and Ariba Zainab 11

The humanist approach in Nadine Gordimer’s A Sport of Nature and Burgers Daughter: Beyond politics of Colour and Religious Dogma

Sharanya Ganguly  Ganguly, Sharanya-12

Uneven Playing Field: An Exploration of Women in Sports through a Study of Moti Nandi’s Fiction

Somrita Ganguly  Ganguly-Somrita-13

Reading Transnationalism as a Repertoire of Polyrhythmic Identities in Diasporic Iranian Women

Nilakshi Goswami  Goswami, Nilakshi-14

The Art of (De-)Banning Books: Towards an Aesthetics of Obscenity

Neha Khurana  Khurana, Neha-15

Subjectivizing the ‘scientific’ Travelogue: Eighteenth Century Travel Writing

Pooja Kukreja  Kukreja, Pooja-16

Dalit Subject and the Experiences of Partition: Identity, Memory, Politics

Pratibha Kumari Kumari, Pratibha-17

Existence and Identity: The Intellectual Discourse of Roy on Tribal Resistance

Shabeena Kuttay  Kuttay, Shabeena-18

Eating Provisions and Practices: The Depiction of the Dalit Food in Dalit Literature

Vandana  Lal, Vandana-19

‘Missing’ Shyamanand: Death and Age in Upamanyu Chatterjee’s Way to Go

Sameera Mehta  Mehta, Sameera-20

Sita Betrayed and the construction of a literary history of loss

Archit Nanda Nanda, Archit-21

Resisting Narrative, Narrating Resistance: Resistance and Narrative in Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin

Sneha Pathak  Pathak, Sneha-22

Poetic Canvas and Painted Poem in “The Rape of Lucrece”

Kanika Sharma  Sharma, Kanika-23

Forging a Digital and Public Identity: the Self-fashioning of Margaret Atwood

Shraddha A. Singh  Singh, Shraddha A.-24

The Politics of Location: Krishan Kumar’s ‘Westernized’ Sociology of the Postmodern

Sapna Dudeja Taluja  Taluja, Sapna Dudeja-25


Re-storying the Indigenous and the Popular Imaginary (Volume III) 
Edited by Prem Kumari Srivastava and Gitanjali Chawla

Book review- Anchala Paliwal

The Floating Admiral
Author(s)- G.K. Chesterton, Agatha Christie et al.

Book review- Anindita Ghosh


LGBT Writer and Gay-rights Activist R. Raj Rao in conversation with Angita Ram V.

Author Interview- Angita Ram

“I feel hurt when I am not accepted as a mainstream writer… The caste question continues to haunt.”

Kunti in Conversation with Anjali Singh

Author Interview- Anjali Singh


Editorial- Short Stories

~Aqib Sabir


Life Cycle Spiral- Ratna Raman

Short Story- Ratna Raman


Self Immolation and Curfew- S S Mehdi

Short Story- S S Mehdi


Aabhi- Trs. Khem Raj Sharma and SBS Krishna

Short Story- Sharma and Krishna


A Practical Joke- Subhash Chandra

Short Story- Subhash Chandra


Editorial- Poetry



I-Poetry- Aju Mukhopadhyay


II-Poetry- Anannya Uberoi


III-Poetry- Juhi Bhatnagar


IV-Poetry- Qudsi Rizvi


V-Poetry- Sanjib Kumar Baishya


VI-Poetry- Syamala Kallury


VII-Poetry- Tanu Sharma


VIII-Poetry- Zeba Mehdi


IX-Poetry- Zoha Hamid

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