VOL.5, No.2, AUTUMN 2015



SPECIAL ISSUE ON DALIT LITERATURE                                                                                         


Brati Biswas

Kalyanee Rajan

1-Translating Bangla Dalit Poetry: Negotiating the politics of language

Brati Biswas

2-The sacred thread and the death rope: politics of representation of Dalit lives and Dalit deaths in colonial India with reference to Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s Abhagi’s Heaven! and Munshi Premchand’s The Deliverance.

Poushali Chakraborty

3-Understanding Dalit Women: A Reading of Baburao Bagul’s ‘Mother’

Sayantika Chakraborty

4-‘Come, Unriddle Me’- Reality of the Dalit Feminine self in Meena Kandasamy’s Ms. Militancy

Kanupriya Dhingra

5-Reflection of A Subaltern’s Lacerated Identity and Sentiments: Sharan Kumar Limbale’s Akkarmashi (The Outcaste) and Other Works

Kalyani Dixit

6-Hindu Psyche and the Persistence of Caste: Reading Ajay Navaria’s ‘New Custom’

Saikat Guha

7-Dalit Women in Premchand’s Godan: Victims of the Patriarchal and Brahminical Values of Indian Society

Darsha Jani

8-From the Margins to the Center: Dalit Women Writers

Ranjana Kaul

Sunanda Gupta

9-The Case of Bhimayana and the Search for a New Dalit Aesthetic

Shweta Khilnani

10-Dalit Consciousness and The Writing of The Other

Amit Kumar Bhagat

11-‘The Subaltern as Subject’ in Mahasweta Devi’s Sri Sri Ganesh Mahima and The Book of the Hunter: Paradigms of Living

Srirupa Mahalanabis

12-Bama’s Karukku: Testimony of Agony and Confrontation

Shaista Mansoor

13--Dalits in Bollywood: From Endurance to Resistance- A Historical Approach

Farhana Naaz

Mohosin Mandal

14-Fandry: A Moving Saga of Dalit Consciousness

Vandana Pathak

15-Politics of Food: Exploring the Voice and Identity of Dalits and African Americans

Ved Prakash

16-Celebration of the ‘Dalit-Consciousness’ in self-memoirs: Reading With Manohar Mouli Biswas’s Surviving in My World: Growing Up Dalit in Bengal

Saheli Sinha Roy

17-Rebelling through the language of love: A study of sexual violence in the love poems of Meena Kandasamy

Manisha Saluja

18-The emergence of the progressive self in Bengali Dalit Literature

Moumita Sarkar

19-Shaping of the Consciousness in Childhood: A Study of Dalit Autobiographies

Samrat Sharma

20-Postcolonial Representation of Dalit Subalternity with reference to Bengali Dalit fiction

Bijit Sinha

21-Double Oppression of Dalit Women: A Study of the Autobiographies of Baby Kamble and Urmila Pawar

M. Sreelatha


Translated Story

The Cursed Ones

Hina Nandrajog



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