VOL. 6, Nos.1-2, SPRING/AUTUMN 2016


Commemorating 400 years of Shakespeare

VOL. 6, No. 1-2, SPRING/AUTUMN 2016





1-Supernatural and Shakespeare: An Overview

Bali, Shweta

2-Shakespeare and the Tree Catalogue in Early Modern Literature

Basu, Nivedita

3-Music as a dramatic device: A Textual Reading of The Tempest

 Bera, Krishna

4-Brazilian outdoor  Shakespeares: Street Theatre as Public art 

Camati, Anna Stegh

5-‘Botox-ing’ the Bard- Rearrangement of the depiction of the Centre-Margin equation of Shakespearean dramas in some recent cinematic adaptations.

  Chakravorty, Sudeshna and Namrata Dey Roy

6-Deception and Self-Deception in the Dark Lady Sonnets

Chatterjee, Abhinaba

7-“Arshinagar: What’s in a Name?”

Dutt, Ajanta

8-“Want teaches me to think on”: Presentism and the Spectacle of Irony in Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Faber, Anthony

9-The Tempest- The Republican Underbelly

Gautam, Vandita

10-“Evaluating Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest ’in Modern Perspective: Cautioning the Mankind against the Perils of Wrongful Deeds”

Jani, Darsha

11-Where the Context becomes Co-text: Shakespeare in Bollywood

Pal, Bidisha

12-The Other Side of Caliban: A Humanistic Approach

Raizada, Seema

13-Connecting two continents: Shakespeare in Hemingway

Sarker,  Sunil Kumar 

14-Shakespeare’s Othello: a Tragic Tale of Conjugal Abuse

Sharma,  Bindu

15-From Casting to Casting Away Gender: Cross-Gendering in Modern Shakespeare Performance

Sharma, Samrat

16-Gazing upon the metaphysical aspect of invariability on Shakespeare’s deathbed in reference to King Lear and Dante’s Inferno

 Sinha, Bijit

17-Shakespeare, Samba, Solace and Escape: an Analysis of Otelo da Mangueira

Smith, Cristiane Busato

18-Televised Hamlet: BBC Television Shakespeare and Shakespeare – The Animated Tales.

Yangkyi, Tenzin

19-Colonialism in The Tempest and passion in Shakespeare’s sonnets

Yi, Chung Chin



In the Heart of the Wild

Mukhopadhyay, Aju

Mightiest Pen

Sharma, Yogesh Kumar


Short Stories

Heads or Tails?

Patnaik, P.V. Geetha

Shakespeare’s Secret

Joyce, Stephen






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