VOL. 11, No. 2, AUTUMN 2021



VOL. 11, No. 2, AUTUMN2021




1- The Crown and Cauldron: Body Politics of the King and Witch

Samrat Sharma

2- The Making of Rape Culture: Fault-lines in extant myth, literature, art, real life and justice

Ratna Raman

3- Sisterhood: A Feminist Motto of Empowerment in Thrity Umrigar’s The Secrets Between Us

Tuhin Shuvra Sen

4- Re-mapping Lost Histories and Family Ties through Memory and Elderlies in Keki N. Daruwalla’s Ancestral Affairs

Trisha Kapuria Tandon

5- The “Jook” and Zora Neale Hurston’s play Polk County

Nita N. Kumar

6- A Literary Walk in the City: Reading Valeria Luiselli’s Sidewalks

Satvir Singh

7-  Medical Science and the Romantic Doctor: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Soumava Maiti

8- Myth, Symbol and Dalit Identity: An Analysis of Gautam Aali’s Poem ‘Asura’

Brati Biswas

9- “See the USA in your Chevrolet”: Understanding North American Automobile Consciousness in 1950s to 70s

Saloni Srivastava

10- The Popular and the Spectacular: A Study of Bhraamyamaan Theatre in Assam

Sanjib Kumar Baishya

11- The “Transgressive Other” in Shauna Singh’s “Devika”

Madhuri Chawla

12- Jale Dangai: Exploring economic symbiosis and its consequent perils through a Bangla fiction

Moumita Sarkar


Book Review

1-The Divine and the Ordinary in Shweta Rao Garg’s Poetry

Candice Louisa Daquin

2- Multiple Levels of Living: Sanjula Sharma’s A Fistful of Sky

Rachna Joshi and Kalyanee Rajan

3- “…Home is not arrival”: Basudhara Roy’s Stitching a Home

Jindagi Sharma

4- Anuradha Bhattacharyya’s Corona Doldrums

Raju TA


Short Fiction


1. The Gang of Four

Subhash Chandra

2. Krishna, The Flute Player

Devika Khanna Narula

3. Frame, Mrinmoyee

Tamali Neogi

4. Ganesha and The White Peacock

Ratna Raman





Introduction ~ Anita Nahal

Pulkita Anand

Pragya Anurag

Sanjib Kumar Baishya

Brati Biswas

Madhuri Chawla

Arantxa M.I. Fernandes

Nalini Gandhi Kapoor

Nosano Kikhi

Christine Larsen

E. Ethelbert Miller

Jyoti Nair

Nandini Sahu

Debarati Sen

Poonam Chawla Sood

John Zedolik



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